Guaranteed Quality and 100% Pure Satisfaction

Caviar & Caviar USA is the largest American Fine Caviar Distributor. What defines us is our Pure Quality and Outstanding Service. We offer our Persian Processed Caviar under the exclusive brand of Sasanian Caviar. We are a processor and supplier of premium Caviar worldwide. Our Caviar is used in some of the most renowned fine dining establishments and gourmet retail stores. We have the pleasure of being the chosen source for the most demanding culinary experts and fine food enthusiasts due to our superior quality standards and service driven care. We currently operate from our South Florida headquarters in the city of Sunrise. Our company offers daily deliveries throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. We ship our Caviar fresh overnight in thermo secure boxes.

  • Sasanian Caviar is Processor and Wholesaler of the Finest Caviar Collection, the Official source for the Highest Quality and most Extensive Selection of Exquisite Caviar and the largest American fine caviar distributor.
  • Our philosophy is to provide outstanding customer service in the art and supply of high quality Caviar and Select Gourmet Foods. Our team compromises of specialists who take much pride in every step of the process. Our Caviar is chosen based on the most rigorous quality standards and compliance to US and EU regulations.
  • Our Headquarter office is located in Sunrise, Florida. We operate in a state-of-the-art facility under the guidance of HACCP, FDA, USDA and total hygiene oversight.
  • We process our Caviar in-house, pack to order, ensure rigorous quality standards for our nationwide distribution to Gourmet Retailers, Prestigious Restaurants and Chefs, Quality Catering Companies, Cruise Lines, Airlines, and Fine Food Lovers.
  • Our customer service is on hand to answer any questions and take your order.

Thank you for choosing Sasanian Caviar as your official source for fine Caviar.