Caviar can be a new and exciting luxury for some, while for others it may be more nerve wrecking than anything else. Like all things, the taste of Caviar as “good” or “bad” is subjective but there are some definite things that your Caviar should or should not be.

For starters, your Caviar should never be overwhelmingly fishy or salty. Quality osetras are typically Malossol which means ‘little salt.’ This ensures that whatever you’re tasting is just straight up Caviar goodness and although it is fish, you should get more of an ocean water taste rather than a fishy one. It should also have a smooth texture, that is not dry nor oily.

There are many different types of Caviar & Roes so I have gone through our selection and selected one from each tier to try and best explain what Caviar tastes like.


Sasanian Russian Osetra

Our Sasanian Russian Osetra is farmed in Poland and is, without a doubt, the highest graded sustainable Caviar in the world. It features medium to large grey pearls, and a smooth yet firm texture. The flavor palate is nutty with the most luxurious buttery after taste. A big contributing factor for this high quality Caviar is the fresh, native water they are raised in.




Sasanian Siberian Baerii

Sasanian Siberian Osetra is a true delight and excellent to enjoy in a variety of Culinary applications. This selection of Caviar has been produced from pure bred Siberian Sturgeon. It is an ethical alternative to Caspian Sevruga Caviar, at a fraction of the cost. Siberian Baerii provides a medium dark pearl that is creamy in texture and follows through with a crisp and nutty taste.




Sasanian Smoked Trout Pearls

Our Trout is derived from a stock of Rainbow Trout, farmed in France, and provides firm, large pearls that have an exciting pop! We smoke it in house with an exquisite combination of Oak and Hickory smoke. The pearls are firm and succulent, and the flavor is a burst of freshness and a light hint of smokiness followed by the taste of the clean.




While these don’t represent all Caviars & Roes, this gives you a good example of some of our most loved Caviar (and my personal favorites!)