Smoking meat is a preservation technique that has been used for centuries. Historically, to prepare for harsher weather, people would smoke their salmon (or any meat, really) to preserve it for an extended period of time.

From the Native Americans to the Greeks and Romans, smoked salmon has been serving its consumers well, not just for its perfect preservation purposes and practicality but also for its high versatility and added health benefits.

Now, with the Salmon industry as prevalent as it is today, over fishing has become a massive issue. 95% of the world’s wild salmon runs are in Alaska, while much of the rest of the world has been over fished or has destroyed their wild salmon runs.

Farming salmon has become a huge trend as wild stock continues to decrease, but that alone has not been enough to save our wildlife. Salmon farms are often run with few regards to sustainability, and an increasing number douse the fish with pesticides to prevent sea lice and antibiotics to prevent bacterial growth. Underneath their pens is usually a toxic waste zone of dead plants caused by build-up of leftover food, chemical treatments, and fish doo.

Now… what can YOU do to prevent this?

Support your sustainably farmed sources! Here at Sasanian Caviar we offer our Imperial Smoked Salmon free of antibiotics and GMOs. We use only quality materials in our cure, from our pink Himalayan salt, to our juniper and fresh ginger. Even our slow smoking process is done with sustainably sourced oak sawdust!

The change starts with you. Feed your body the best nutrients possible by being cautious about the sources you’re buying your salmon (and literally anything else you’re consuming) from. Once you make the decision that it’s worth the extra dollar or two to make an actual difference, the rest will follow.