Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga Powder

Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga Powder


Dehydrated, grated bottarga produced exclusively from Grey Mullet Roe in Greece. Greek Mullet Bottarga is recognized as the best raw material for Avgotaraho production. Add a pinch of Bottarga powder to your dish, as you would “salt & pepper”, just before serving it. It will enhance the aroma and taste of the plain seafood, pasta or risotto. You can add it on salads, eggs, dips – the possibilities are endless!


Since 1856, The Trikalinos family of Greece has been producing top quality Avgotaraho, or what we know as cured Grey Mullet Roe or Bottarga. Bottarga is cured with salt and dried naturally, without using any preservatives. The ready to eat Bottarga has higher moisture content, yet it contains less salt than other bottargas. For natural preservation, bottarga is dipped in beeswax to preserve its delicate taste.

Bottarga Powder is made with same fantastic quality product, only dehydrated and grated for easy usage on your favorite dishes.

Rich in protein, Omega 3, selenium, Vitamins A, B and C, iron, and calcium, Bottarga is not only tasty, but is healthy too.


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs

40 gram jar

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