The Grand Gesture Caviar Gift Set

The Grand Gesture Caviar Gift Set


Make a statement and bless your loved one, colleague, or friend with a generous portion of two of our favorites. Our Premium Sturgeon Caviar and our Imported Royal Osetra Caviar accompanied with our Russian Blini and a Pearl Spoon make the perfect caviar gift set.

  • 2oz Jar Sasanian Royal Osetra
  • 2oz Jar Sasanian Premium Sturgeon Caviar
  • 36pcs Sasanian Russian Blini
  • Mother of Pearl Spoon
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This Grand Gesture Caviar gift set will say everything you want to without having to speak a word. With a generous portion of two of our favorites along with a pack of Russian blini and a mother of pearl spoon to complete the caviar gift set.

Caviar included in the box:

Sasanian Royal Osetra is raised in pristine settings and is of the freshest and highest grade. Its pearls are firm and contain a smooth nutty flavor to be reckoned with. We pride ourselves on the ability to supply the finest imported caviar, notably our fresh Royal Osetra. Every jar is carefully chosen and packed by our specialist to meet the most demanding standards of fine caviar.

Sasanian Premium Sturgeon Caviar is a true delight! Its pearls are small and jet black in color. Incredibly smooth in taste you’ll be astounded by how fresh this Caviar is. Processed under genuine Caspian Techniques, with zero preservatives.


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