Luxurious Banquet Caviar Gift Set

Luxurious Banquet Caviar Gift Set


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The perfect assortment for your party. This caviar gift set offers you the ability to serve in style and abundance.

  • Servings:  20-30 People
  • 8oz Tin Sasanian American Black Bowfin
  • 8oz Tin Sasanian Trout Caviar
  • 8oz Tin Sasanian Almas Albino Caviar
  • 3 Packages of Sasanian Russian Blini 36pcs

Out of stock

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Having a caviar party? Perfect for the entertainer or just a one-time event, this caviar gift set will be the star of the party! With a generous quantity of three of our most popular caviar selections and a set of Russian blini to go with each, the set will serve a party of 20-30 people.

Caviar included in the set:

Sasanian American Black Bowfin is a genuine Black Caviar derived from the Bowfin Fish in Louisiana. Commonly referred to as “Choupique Caviar” or “Cajun Caviar” and now branded by the leading source for the highest quality Bowfin Caviar in the world, ‘Louisiana Pearl Caviar”. Our Louisiana Pearl Caviar is unmatchable in quality, texture, flavor, pearl size and overall standards that define fine Caviar.

Sasanian French Trout Pearls Caviar is truly impressive. These are the glistening jewels of the Sea. We currently maintain the finest selection of Trout Caviar farmed in France, sustainable and fresh. Our Trout is derived from a stock of Rainbow Trout and provide firm large pearls that have a very exciting pop when one indulges. The Fine Trout Caviar we have is very well priced and can be used in an array of gourmet dishes as an enhancement or center piece. Trout Caviar is extremely rich in protein, omega and fish oils.

Sasanian Almas Albino Caviar is the most scarce of any Caviar in the world. Caught and processed fresh in the USA, we are an exclusive source for this very unique Caviar. The pearls are medium to small and glisten with a golden yellow color. A true Malossol, this Caviar has a nice nutty flavor.


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