Iranian Pearl Baerii 000 Caviar

Iranian Pearl Baerii 000 Caviar


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100% Pure Siberian Sturgeon. This caviar has medium dark grey pearls, with a crisp and nutty flavor. Same as Osetra, Baerii is an eco-sustainable and earth-friendly selection of pure bread Siberian Sturgeon caviar. Both Osetra and Baerii caviar are produced fresh and processed by Caspian Salt Masters whom have been producing caviar on the Caspian shores for generations.


We are extremely happy to present our newest and luxurious selection of Iranian Processed Caviar, Iranian Pearl Baerii, also known as Siberian Sturgeon. For thousands of years, the Caspian Sea & Black Sea have been the natural habitat to the wild stock of Osetra (lat. Today, we are proud to offer the only farm-raised ethically sourced caviar. Our Iranian Processed Caviar is exclusively offered as “Iranian Pearl” 100% pure Siberian Sturgeon Caviar.

We raise the sturgeon in the most ideal setting for the sturgeons to grow. With the finest sturgeon coming from the fresh waters, this Caviar provides a fresh and clean taste. From the Persian word khâviyâr, caviar refers to the roe from sturgeon, and the earliest records date back to the 4th century B.C. Caviar is synonymous with luxury, and it is said that the people of the Persian Empire were the first to taste caviar, believing it could perform medical miracles.

Iranian Pearl Baerii has medium dark grey glossy pearls. It’s texture is firm, yet smooth and creamy with a pleasant flavor of the sea and hazelnut. Baerii caviar is always produced fresh and is processed by the Caspian Salt Masters whom have been producing saviar on the Caspian shores for generations.

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