Imperial Saffron- 1gr

Imperial Saffron- 1gr


Finest Jar of Imperial Saffron Threads. Packed with love and much care.

  • Pack Size: 1 gram
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Brand: Imperial Saffron Co.


Saffron is most valuable spice in the world. An ounce of Sasanian Imperial Saffron requires 150 flowers, arduous dedication and labor.

Saffron is produced from the stamens of the Crocus flower. Each thread of Saffron is carefully picked by hand and dried. The Crocus flower requires a very specific climate to bloom, and even in the right conditions, its beauty can only be seen once a year in the fall for the extent of a week. Harvesting Saffron is an art practiced since ancient times.

Saffron has a very distinct aroma and taste and has been part of the Mediterranean cuisine for countless generation. It is indispensable for staple dishes such as paella and Italian risotto.

Each gram of our Imperial Saffron is the product of pure tradition, dedication and love. Its taste and aroma are sure to entice your palate and just a few threads will add bright coloration to your favorite dishes.

Sasanian Imperial Saffron is a product of Spain. Royal grade, 100% Saffron, free of dyes.


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