Fresh Italian Black Summer Truffles


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Fresh Italian Black Summer Truffles. Beautiful Whole pieces with beautiful black skin and white flesh. A delightful and delicious taste, these truffles will be sure to warm up your palette.

Size 1lb Bag.

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Truffles are formed naturally in the ground and each truffle is unique in size and color. These beautiful truffles are black in color which is one of the reasons they are called Black Summer Truffles. The season for these specific truffles is around May until late September and due to its thick skin its able to last a longer season then White and Winter Truffles. Fresh Black Summer Truffles are delicate with a nutty mushroom-like flavor. Black Truffles are most commonly sliced very thin and served as is or slightly warmed. They can be added to many dishes such as being shaved over pasta, salads and even a mixing within a delicious creme sauce.


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