Chocoviar Chocolate Pearls

Chocoviar Chocolate Pearls


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Chocoviar fine Chocolate Pearls of Caviar. Imported from France, these are simply delightful.
Chose from our amazing selection of:

-Chocoviar Perlas Carmelita
-Chocoviar Perlas Dark
-Chocoviar Milky Crunch

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Our Exclusive Chocoviar is the perfect fix the chocolate lover. These yummy pearls of Chocolate bliss are amazing! Share if you want, enjoy you must. We offer a variety of flavors of our Chocoviar to indulge in. We have our Chocoviar Carmelita which has an amazing caramel taste, we have our Chocoviar Dark, which is made with the finest dark Chocolate, and we have our Chocoviar Crunch which is a result of the finest milk chocolate with a nice crunch in the center.


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