Caviar Sampler Gift Set

Caviar Sampler Gift Set


This Caviar sampler gift set is sure to impress the most demanding connoisseur as well as to introduce the novice to the wonderful world of caviar. Treat your loved ones only to the best Sasanian Caviar.

An excellent Caviar Sampler Gift Set. Enjoy this and enter the world of true Gastronome while indulging in a variety of 3 distinct and high quality sustainable and ethical Caviar. This Caviar sampler offers our renowned Royal Osetra Caviar along with our Siberian Baerii Sturgeon and our favorite Premium Sturgeon Caviar. Take this Caviar sampler gift set as a gift or for self pleasure.

Sample some of the 3 BEST Caviars in the market. Sampler includes 3 20gr jars each of Royal Osetra Caviar, Premium Sturgeon Caviar, and Siberian Osetra Caviar. Mother of pearl spoon included with your purchase!

The unique assortment in this Caviar Sampler Gift set is perfect to enjoy.

  • Preparation: Fresh
  • Caviar Grade: 000
  • Unopened Shelf Life: 5-8 weeks
  • Storing: Cold Refrigerated
  • Brand: Sasanian Caviar
  • Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Overnight
  • CITES for Export: Required


Included in this Caviar gift set are 3 jars of Caviar, 20 grams each. This is the perfect amount to get a good taste of 3 of our favorite Sturgeon Caviar selections. This Caviar sampler contains a selection of our Sasanian Royal Osetra Caviar which is a leading choice by some of the most serious culinary experts in the world. The other beautiful Caviar offered is our Siberian Osetra Caviar which provides a slightly smaller pearl and is darker in color, yet offers a distinct and passionate flavor. The last jar is our Premium Sturgeon Caviar which has glistening small black pearls, but will surprise with a very bold and rich flavor that is quite pleasing.

Caviar included in the set:

Sasanian Siberian Osetra Caviar is a true delight and excellent to enjoy in a variety of culinary applications. This selection of caviar has been produced from purebred Siberian Sturgeon which is now farmed and sustainable. Siberian Osetra Caviar is produced from the Acipenser Baerii which we offer with much enthusiasm. Our Sasanian Siberian Baerii Osetra provides a genuine and modest Caviar experience and is an excellent garnish or introductory ballad into the world of caviar. Siberian Osetra provides a medium dark pearl that is creamy in texture and follows through with a crisp and nutty taste. The Siberian Baerii is the ethical and sustainable alternative to Caspian Sevruga Caviar, at a fraction of the cost. Our Siberian Sturgeon Caviar is produced year round and is extremely fresh.

Sasanian Royal Osetra is raised in pristine settings and is of the freshest and highest grade. Its pearls are firm and contain a smooth nutty flavor to be reckoned with. We pride ourselves on the ability to supply the finest imported caviar, notably our fresh Royal Osetra. Every jar is carefully chosen and packed by our specialist to meet the most demanding standards of fine caviar.

Sasanian Premium Sturgeon is a true delight! Its pearls are small and jet black in color. Incredibly smooth in taste you’ll be astounded by how fresh this Caviar is. Processed under genuine Caspian Techniques, with zero preservatives.



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