Beluga Kaluga Hybrid

Beluga Kaluga Hybrid


We welcome you to try our Sasanian Beluga Kaluga Hybrid! Due to the current ban on Beluga Caviar, we decided to get innovative! Our Beluga Kaluga is a hybrid between the Shrenki and Huso Dauricus species. A true delight, our Beluga Kaluga has dark amber pearls and a smooth, nutty flavor.

  • Preparation: Fresh
  • Caviar Grade: 000
  • Unopened Shelf Life: 8 weeks
  • Storing: Cold Refrigerated
  • Brand: Sasanian Caviar
  • Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Overnight
  • CITES for Export: Required


In 2005 the United States Fish and Wildlife banned the import of wild Caspian Beluga Caviar. Prior to the ban, we had reserved a stock of farmed Kaluga Sturgeon with anticipation of its first production in 2009. Ever since, we have been offering an unmatchable selection of Sasanian Beluga Kaluga hybrid Caviar within the United States.
Our Sasanian Kaluga hybrid ā€“ River Beluga Caviar is 100% pure and processed by the Caspian Fisheries and Management Team of SHILAT, resulting in unmatchable superior quality. The entirety of our sustainableĀ Beluga Caviar is of the highest grade. We pride ourselves on being able to offer this exclusive and limited Caviar to the most discerning gourmet food enthusiasts worldwide!

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1oz Jar 1-2 Servings, 2oz Jar 3-4 Servings


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