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Sasanian Caviar offers a lavish variety of fine gourmet foods. Although we are primarily a master source and processor of Caviar, due to high demand and our own selfish desires to surround ourselves by the best exquisite fine foods the world has to offer, we also carry some select gourmet products that are synergetic and complimentary to our fine Caviar selection.

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    Chocoviar Chocolate Caviar
    Chocoviar fine Chocolate Pearls of Caviar. Imported from France, these are simply delightful. Chose from our amazing selection of: -Chocoviar Perlas Carmelita -Chocoviar Perlas Dark -Chocoviar Milky Crunch
  • Serve your Caviar in Style and Elegance. Finest Crystal Martini Caviar Server from Poland, lead-free and genuine Crystal imported from Europe. This Caviar Server can hold 1oz up to 8.75oz of Caviar. This is an excellent Caviar server to use for your dining experience. This is a high quality Martini Caviar Server that is heavy, elegant and beautiful. The finest caviar should only be displayed in one of our caviar servers.
  • Finest Foie Gras, pre-portioned and ready to cook. Each pierce is 2oz and there are 16 pieces per bag, each individually packed with care. Hudson Valley produces the finest Foil Gras, providing a creamy taste and excellent texture.
    • Size: 2lb bag
    • Individual sizes: 2oz
    • Number of Pieces: 16
    • Origin: Hudson Valley
    • Quality: Grade A
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    Fresh Italian White Truffles

    Fresh White Truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) Season : October - December White Truffles come from the northern region of Italy. The flesh of the white truffle ranges from pale cream to brown with white marbling. Alba truffles have an aroma similar to deep-fried sunflower seeds and walnuts. Recommended uses: The extremely refined flavor of the white truffles matches wonderfully with butter for dressing pasta and rice dishes.
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    black trumpet mushrooms
    iL Tartufi Fine Black Trumpet Mushrooms are one of the most popular on the market today. An elegant trumpet-shaped delicacy with a smooth butter flavor it demands your palate for more. Once cooked a smokey aroma will be music to your ears. Size: 2oz Bag | 1lb Bag
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    gourmet mushrooms
    iL Tartufi Forest Mix Gourmet Mushrooms offer a mix of some of the finest mushrooms around. Each mushroom is gathered to provide a rare mix of aroma and flavor to each dish being used. Size: 2oz Bag | 1lb Bag
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    iL Tartufi Premium Dried Morel Mushrooms are one of the most sought after mushrooms in the world. Their dark brown color gives off an elegant aroma that will enhance each ingredient its combined with. It has a earthy, nut-like flavor and a soft texture that will make any dish a true beauty. Size: 2oz Bag | 1lb Bag
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    iL Tartufi Superior Dried Porcini Mushrooms offer a an excellent and superior flavor which make them some of the finest mushrooms around. Each mushroom is gathered to provide a rare mix of aroma and flavor to each dish being used. Size: 2oz Bag | 1lb Bag
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    Our Imperial Filet Cut Smoked Salmon is Smoked in Scotland. This is the finest cut of the Fresh Salmon, resulting a and silky and smooth texture. Used in the finest dining establishments, our Imperial Filet Smoked Salmon is a must for exclusive dining experiences. Average Size: 1.2lb Filet Cut Storage: Cold Refrigerated Shelf Life: 2 Weeks
  • A one ounce tin of our Finest Imperial Saffron.
    • 1 ounce Tin
    • Grade: Royal
    • Origin: Iran
  • Finest Jar of Imperial Saffron Threads. Packed with love and much care.
    • Pack Size: 1 gram
    • Storage: Room temperature
    • Shelf Life: 2 years
    • Brand: Imperial Saffron Co.
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    Appropriately designed, this coral Caviar server will take you to the heart of the Sea! Handcrafted, this stainless steel bowl has a glass inner bowl atop a nickel-plate coral base. Set includes matching spoon with horn bowl and nickel-plate coral handle.
  • Caviar is a very delicate and special product with many traditions. One such custom that must be adhered to is to enjoy one’s Caviar on a Mother of Pearl Spoon. Due to the fact that metal would impart and hinder the flavor of fine Caviar, it’s very much recommended to enjoy our fine imported and domestic Caviar on one of our imported Mother of Pearl Spoon selections. Our Mother of Pearl Spoons are exclusively made for us and maintains a fine and slick slender design. The size of the fine Pearl Spoons is 10.3 centimeters which almost exactly 4 inches. If you don’t already have one, then you definitely should obtain one of our Mother of Pearl Spoons for your Caviar service. Includes - 1 (one) Mother of Pearl spoon
  • Stir it up with our new mother of pearl espresso spoons. Adding a touch of class to any after meal coffee, these spoons are sure to impress. The hole in the center allows liquids to pass through while still maintaining the solid texture of a quality espresso, meaning it not only looks great but it tastes great as well!
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    Caviar is luxurious and should be served with class. Our oval mother of pearl dish is unique and gives you the beauty you've been searching for while indulging in your caviar. Size: 7" x 5" inches
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    Serve your caviar on this elegant Mother of Pearl Square Plate. Add some blini beside it and create a luxurious look for you and your guests. Exquisite and unique this dish will surely impress. Size: 5" x 4" inches
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    The finest caviar deserves an equally glamorous presentation. This is an excellent caviar server to place your fine Caviar in. Designed to replicate traditional Persian Caviar Servers, this Silver Server is impressive and quite affordable. Its dome shaped top retracts to display caviar. Comes with a glass dish inside to preserve your caviar without changing its taste. This is an excellent server to place your fine caviar in.
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    Rougie has been a leader in Foie Gras and fine Duck products all across the globe. We gladly maintain a select inventory of some of our favorite Rougie products. Rougie Duck fat is excellent and rich in flavor. Use this duck fat as a healthy alternative to other processed oils and indulge.
    • Size: 11.28oz
    • Brand: Rougie
    • Shelf Life: Over 1 year unopned
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    • Brand: Rougie
    • Size: 11.28oz
    • Storage: Room Temperature
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    Rougie makes an excellent Pate. This Pate has the fine flavor of Orange and is produced with Duck and Pork.
    • Size: 2.8oz
    • Brand: Rougie
    • Storage: Room temperature
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    Rougie Duck Rilletes are excellent to enjoy
  • Out of stock
    Rougie makes the best quality Foie Gras and Terrines.
  • A careful selection of the best pieces guarantees the first-rate quality of this product. Summer truffles peelings are packed in brine and preserved in a water-based truffle juice. The practical presentation in pieces allows for a fast use while staying true to the taste and fragrance of whole truffles.
  • A careful selection of the best truffles slices guarantees the first rate-quality of this product. The slices are preserved in extra virgin olive oil.
  • Our Truffle Honey takes the appeal of honey one step further. The raw Honey is made by bees using the acacia flower; its taste is mild and flowery. Infused with our Black Truffles, it is a fun addition to your kitchen and can be used for meat glazing, crepe dressing, and cheese, spread over fruit, cake or as a topping for ice cream and sorbet!
  • This Sicilian sea salt is mixed with dried summer truffles. Feel free to use this seasoning anywhere a recipe calls for salt, including marinades, dressings, corn-on-the-cob, French fries, steak and popcorn. Skies the limit with Truffle Salt.
  • You've been searching your kitchen for just the right seasoning. THE SEARCH IS OVER. We have your "secret ingredient"... TRUFFLE ZEST is the perfect condiment that can be added to everything!
  • Our French Blini are amazing and made exclusively for our cherished clientele. We import our Blini from France and have maintained a delightful recipe that results in a fine texture and flavor. Our French Blini are packed as 16 pieces and are perfect to enjoy with our fresh Caviar. Our French Blini are freshly packed into small retail boxes with proper ingredient and use information along with UPC codes for our gourmet food sore clients.
  • russian blini
    We have our exclusively produced Russian Blini to enjoy with our fresh Caviar or even in a variety of other dishes. This pack of imported Blini contains 36 beautiful pieces. The Russian Blini is thin in comparison to the French Blini and is slightly elastic in texture. The size of our Russian Blini is almost equivalent to that of a quarter coin. Our Blini are produced and packed exclusively for us in France. Our Russian Blini are freshly packed into small retail boxes with proper ingredient and use information along with UPC codes for our gourmet food sore clients.
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    Scottish Smoked Salmon

    Sasanian Scottish Smoked Salmon is an amazingly delightful Smoked Salmon. Produced in Scotland and smoked with a fine combination of Oak wood, our Cold Smoked Salmon is amazing in quality. This Smoked Salmon is produced Fresh and packed with much love. The texture is smooth and silky along with a clean and delectable taste of the finest Salmon.
    • Shelf Life: 21 days
    • Brand: Sasanian
    • Origin: Scotland
    • Kosher & Sustainable
  • California Smoked Sturgeon is a fantastic delicacy. This selection of Smoked Sturgeon happens to be the best quality we've ever come across. The cure results in an amazing texture and flavor. Product size: Average about 1lb. Storage: Cold Refrigerated Shelf Life: 21 days Brand: Caviar & Caviar
  • Our Squid Ink is produced exclusively for us in Spain. This fine Squid Ink will add a touch of dramatic black and excellent flavor to all sorts of Pasta Dishes, Risotto and other culinary masterpieces. Our Squid Ink is very popular in Spanish and Italian cuisine. To add some impressive coloring and flavoring, we highly recommend our premium Squid Ink.
    • Shelf Life: 2 Years or more unopened
    • Storage: Room temperature, Refrigerate once opened
    • Brand: C&C
    • Net Weight: 500 grams
  • A delicacy of cured Grey Mullet Roe. This product is natural, without preservatives, and has a high nutritional value and a pleasant long lasting finish. Standardized production techniques properly balance the salting and drying processes to deliver higher moisture and lower sodium in the final product. Finally, it is coated by natural bee’s wax, which sufficiently preserves the product and its delicate taste during its shelf life, despite the low sodium content.
  • Dehydrated, grated bottarga produced exclusively from Grey Mullet Roe in Greece. Greek Mullet Bottarga is recognized as the best raw material for Avgotaraho production. Add a pinch of Bottarga powder to your dish, as you would "salt & pepper", just before serving it. It will enhance the aroma and taste of the plain seafood, pasta or risotto. You can add it on salads, eggs, dips - the possibilities are endless!
  • We have some really amazing White Truffle Oil. Our exclusive White Truffle Oil is produced in Italy and maintains an excellent aroma of Fresh White Truffles. Italian White Truffles are the most sought after Truffles in the world, and the most expensive.
  • Truffle Pearl Caviar

    Italian Imported Black Truffle Pearls are something amazing. Our Truffle Pearls are produced from Italian Black Winter Truffle Juice and solidified. Our Truffle Pearl Caviar is perishable and we ship it nationwide, overnight in thermo-secure boxes with a quality guarantee. If you’re seeking some culinary excitement and lover fresh Italian Truffles, then our Truffle Pearl Caviar will greatly impress.
    • Preparation: Fresh
    • Shelf Life: 3 months
    • Storing: Cold Refrigerated
    • Brand: Caviar & Caviar
    • Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Overnight
    • CITES required for export: No


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