Something that is well understood in the gourmet world is that great Caviar comes with a great price tag. It has even become quite a fascination for some to have the most expensive Caviar.

While not all Caviar is expensive (you can find tons of high quality roes, and even genuine sturgeon Caviar, for a fraction of the cost!) some exceed all boundaries by providing a rare and genuine experience – one of these being our Sasanian Golden Imperial Osetra.

Through an ancient and refined process, we have taken what nature has to offer, and perfected it. To exceed the prior standards of wild Caspian Caviar, only about 10% of our production is graded as Imperial. Our most Scarce Caviar, our Golden Imperial Osetra is named for its superiority and exclusiveness. It has large golden pearls, a smooth buttery taste and a fresh, crisp aroma.

This is an impressive Caviar selection set aside for the most discerning Gourmands and Royalty. It is hand selected by our specialists based on the criteria of pearl size, golden color and taste. We also take into account the Pearl being firm and well separated due to our Persian Processing technique that has been handed down for generations. Our Imperial Osetra Caviar is processed under the guidance of Caspian Fisheries and Management Authorities and their team of Artisanal Salt Masters whom have perfected the secret techniques to produce the highest graded and finest quality Caviar in the world.

With all the time and attention that goes in to this process, it’s no surprise that this Caviar retails for around $4,500 a kilogram. Regardless of what gourmands say, you can still have a wonderful experience with our lower variety Caviar, but in all honesty… do you really want to? 😉

You only live once, so why not go for it and gift yourself true luxury with our Sasanian Golden Imperial Osetra!