So you’re brand spanking new to the world of Caviar. You’ve heard of its exclusivity and luxury but you might be thinking, “Where do I even start?”

Well… that’s a great question! Caviar can be really confusing to a beginner and that’s what we’re here to help with! As someone who has fairly recently been introduced to Caviar myself, I definitely have some pointers.

For picky eaters:

My first and foremost tip is, don’t be nervous! I’m definitely not a fish eater by any means but I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with Caviar. The first spoonful may seem strange, the texture is something you’ve never experienced before and you’re still debating whether you should actually pop the pearl to taste the flavor or just swallow it and get it over with. Take your time, take a deep breathe, and definitely push that pearl against the roof of your mouth because you might just be amazed! The biggest realization for me was that not all Caviar tastes like fish. Granted, something like our Salmon Roe definitely has a fishy undertone but our Royal would absolutely blow you away! Instead of having the taste of fish, the taste of these pearls would be better described as nutty and creamy.  The biggest key to enjoying your Caviar experience is to have an open mind. No, it won’t be something you’re used to but it just might be something that you want to get used to.

For fish lovers:

For those of you who enjoy the piscatorial side of culinary, jump right in!  You can start on the lower end with things like Trout Pearls or Salmon Roe or go all the way to the tippy top with our osetras. The sky is really the limit when it comes to ways you can utilize your Caviar, so try them all!