Currently the best quality Caviar comes from overseas. Period. There’s a couple factors that make our Imported Caviar superior than other varieties available. Firstly, processing is a key factor and Iranian Processing has been and remains the best. Farmed Caviar raised overseas requires proper attention and oversight not only in the raising of the Sturgeon, but also in the processing of the delicate roe into fine Caviar. Our imported Caviar is mostly processed by Iranian Artisans and the fisheries team that have had decades of experience in producing the highest quality caviar in the world. Raising sturgeon and their years to develop are an art on its own, usually overseen by marine biologist whom have little idea of what quality Caviar is.

There’s a whole variety of factors that make up the characteristics of fine imported Caviar. This is where Sasanian Caviar is a recognized leader in the art of Caviar. If you are looking to buy imported Caviar online, then you have come to the right place. We offer a high quality caviar for sale through our e-commerce. Sasanian Gourmet is a Caviar importer and processor with vast experience and passion as a Caviar supplier worldwide.

The other factors that make imported Caviar higher in quality are the fact they have Borax. We agree that borax is not a “healthy” additive, but neither is salt. Borax has been used in food preparation and preservation for hundreds of years just as salt has been used. The amount of borax used in Caviar is around one quarter of a percentage, which is miniscule. Maybe hundreds of years from now people will look upon us with awe that we used salt in our food preparation and preservations. Borax actually gives Caviar a robust flavor and helps the cure produce a slightly firmer pearl and texture. Nonetheless, our policy now is to only import and process Caviar with pure fine sea salt and sturgeon roe, nothing else.