The single most important factor about Caviar is quality. This is what sets us apart from all others. Our single focus is excellent quality followed with outstanding service.

We grade all our Caviar at 2 intervals. The first is upon production and during the extraction of the precious Pearls that, once cured, are called Caviar. During the harvest phase, the factors of color, size and texture are noted and must meet our criteria per each variety and species specifications. The second phase of grading is conducted after the Caviar has completed its maturation phase and finished its curing process, which spans about 2-3 months, depending on the species. At this point, during processing, our Caviar Master inspects each lot and allocates a grading, as the Pearls sometimes transform within the maturation phase.

Ultimately, all our Caviar is chosen and maintained only to be offered if it meets our Sasanian Grading Criteria, based on traditional Caspian Persian Quality Standards. Our domestically processed Caviar and Roe are graded to be “A” and our imported Caviar maintain a grading system of 000, 00 and 0. With 000 being the highest quality possible.

The factors to determine the quality of Caviar are: Freshness, Pearl Texture, Taste,  Aroma and Processing Method. Caviar should be fresh. Pasteurized and shelf stable Caviar are ideal in their own applications, but aren’t’ considered worthy of any grade. The texture of quality Caviar should be accordingly to the species and never should it be similar to little balls of rubber, as that indicates pasteurization. Nor should Caviar be very mushy or juicy, this is the sign of poor quality Caviar and lack of knowledge in processing. The taste of Caviar should be clean and lightly salty. All our Caviar is low salt, Malossol, with less than 4% salting. High salting indicates either poor processing or an attempt to prolong shelf life. We only maintain clean fresh Caviar. The Aroma of Caviar should be very clean and invoke the scent of the fresh Ocean. Although Caviar is fish roe, and it will taste like fish and smell like fish, fresh Caviar always should smell clean and void of any excess odors. Sasanian Persian Processing results in unmatchable quality. We maintain all available species of Caviar for our clientele.