Ever want Caviar, but would rather do it in your pajamas while watching Netflix rather than actually getting your life together and going into a fine dining establishment?

Well… with our overnight Caviar delivery you can!

At Caviar & Caviar we are the direct importer, processor, and distributor of Caviar.

It’s as simple as going onto our website (www.sasaniancaviar.com) and choosing your selection. We have a variety of options ranging from our highest graded osetras to our fine, fresh roes!

All of our Caviar is available for delivery and there are no order minimums.  We offer a variety of pack sizes which include 1oz, 50g, 2oz, 3.5oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb and 1kg. All of our orders will be delivered the next day. We ship the Caviar via FedEx Overnight to ensure the highest quality.

The Caviar is packed fresh to order.  Once the Caviar is packed, it then needs to be prepared for shipping. To insure the Caviar remains at the correct temperature we use high quality thermo-secure boxes with ice packs. Each box has polystyrene walls and lids that provide temperature insulation. Our packing system guarantees to keep Caviar at an optimal temperature for up to 48 hours which means your Caviar is as fresh as if it never left the cooler!

When you hear that knock on your door it’s probably the FedEx driver to make all your dreams come true (and to deliver your Caviar!) Once you receive your package open the box and either enjoy your Caviar right then and there or store the Caviar in the coldest spot of your refrigerator (make sure you don’t put it in the freezer!!) until you’re ready to dig in. We promise it will be nothing short of exceptional.

Now sit back, put on Stranger Things, and enjoy your “elegant” evening with your fresh Caviar!