The methodology employed for harvesting and processing Caviar is crucial to determine its taste and quality. But just as important is how carefully fresh Caviar is handled, packed and shipped to you after the order is placed. At Sasanian Caviar we take into consideration every aspect of the process to make sure only the absolute best reaches your table, and reaches it fast – we ship our Fine Caviar Overnight.

We guarantee the finest, freshest, high quality Caviar every time you order.
When orders are received, our skilled experts carefully pack our fresh and fine product and ship caviar overnight to you. All jars and tins are then vacuum sealed to preserve freshness and individually labeled in adherence with strict HACCP regulations.

Once Caviar is packed, it is placed in our top of the line, thermo-secure boxes with multiple ice packs. Each box has polystyrene walls and lids that provide temperature insulation. Our packing system guarantees to keep caviar at an optimal temperature for up to 48 hours; which combined with overnight caviar delivery we offer is more than enough to make sure you will receive the finest quality product next day.

We ship our caviar overnight via reliable FedEx carrier for all of our orders. Once your package is shipped, you will receive confirmation via e-mail with your tracking number. We make sure to track your order from the time it is picked-up to the time it is delivered. In the rare instances that there is an unforeseen circumstance – weather or otherwise- causing a delay in delivery, a member of our team will contact you and coordinate with you to ensure prompt arrival.

Upon delivery, the Caviar should be promptly refrigerated. We recommend you to store Caviar in the coldest part of your refrigerator – while abstaining from freezing it- until you are ready to enjoy it. Also, make sure not to place items on top of Caviar as weight may cause the delicate pearls to break.