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Nothing makes a better statement than Caviar. Caviar is the ambassador of luxury and a symbol of pure admiration. Sasanian Caviar offers the perfect assortment of Caviar Gift Boxes and Gourmet Food Baskets. You don’t need a special occasion to indulge or to convey gratitude, but when the time arises, we are able to provide any required specifications and customization to ensure a truly delightful Caviar and Fine Food experience.

Each combination is hand selected by our group of experts to give you an impeccable experience and ideal caviar combinations. Sets are categorized by caviar type, price and experience.
Whether you are trying to impress or say thank you, we have a wide selection of pre-arranged gift options made to fit every occasion and budget.

Sasanian Caviar– The Ambassador of Luxury

The Most Prestigious Gift Set with Express Nationwide Delivery!

All Gift Sets are unique and provide just the right touch of what you are looking for. Our Gift Sets come in combinations of two jars, in one or two ounce sizes. Choose from an array of caviar pairings or indulge in your favorite. Sets are accompanied with gorgeous mother-of-pearl spoons.

Here are some of our favorites.

  • The favorites of most Caviar lovers, Sasanian Royal Gift Box contains our highly sought after Sasanian Royal Osetra Caviar along with our fresh Alaskan Salmon Caviar.Combine the smoothness of Royal Osetra with the rich flavour of Alaskan Salmon Caviar, warm up blinis and serve for the complete royal treatment. Enjoy this Caviar Gift Set Collection like a true Russian Tsar and treat yourself or a cherished one like Royalty.
  • The Sasanian Caviar Sampler is the perfect introduction for the novice. This combination allows you to savor a trifecta of the best caviar. Each set includes a jar of Royal Osetra, American Hackleback Sturgeon and Siberian Osetra Caviar together with a mother-of-pearl spoon for the perfect experience. Discover your favorite and indulge.
  • When planning a romantic getaway or date, our Imperialist Caviar gift Set is the perfect combination to enhance a special night with a touch of glamour. The set comes with a one ounce jar of Sasanian Imperial Osetra, a pack of Russian Blinis and a mother-of-pearl spoon all inside a Sasanian cooler bag –ready with ice packs –to preserve your caviar. Pair it with your favorite champagne for an unforgettable night. Sasanian Imperial Caviar is our most scarce caviar. It is carefully selected by experts based on size, color and texture of the pearl This glistening gift is guaranteed to make a statement of love, appreciation and pure dedication.
  • Make a bold statement with our International Caviar Gift Basket. This combination of Sasanian Royal Osetra and Wild American Hackelback Sturgeon highlights the best national and international caviars and is sure to impress even the most demanding palates. This set also includes a pack of Russian Blinis and a mother-of-pair spoon.

  • The Indulge Caviar Gift Box is a delightful assortment of Black and Red Caviar. Indulge in two ounces of exquisite American Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar and one ounce of the finests Sasanian Trout Pearls Caviar. A truly exquisite combination! Each caviar gift set comes with 16 pieces of French Blinis and two mother-of-pearl spoons, packed to order and displayed in an elegant box.
  • The Grand Gesture Caviar Gift Box was exclusively arranged to impress and satisfy. Make a statement and bless your loved one, college or friend with a generous portion of two of our favorites. This set is includes two ounces of Wild American Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar and two ounces Imported Royal Osetra Caviar accompanied with a pack of Russian Blini and a beautiful Mother-of-Pearl Spoon. This amazing combination of the most prestigious caviar is sure to please even most demanding cognoscente. Make a gift of exuberance and glamour.
  • When planning your next party, family celebration or banquet, think of caviar as the perfect way to adding a touch of elegance and glamour to an already special event. Sasanian Caviar has put together a special combination of our excellent caviar for large parties and banquets in sizes that allow you to serve in style and abundance. The Luxurious Banquet Caviar Gift Basket includes three 8 ounce tins of Sasanian American Black Bowfin, Sasanian Trout and Sasanian Golden Whitefish Cavair along with three packages of 36 blinis each.
As soon as you place your order, one of our specialist will pack it and ship it in thermo secure boxes with ice packs to ensure that your caviar is always kept fresh. All shipments are place for next day delivery and arrive to their destination within a day.

Remember that unopened caviar should always be kept refrigerated at a temperature of 32°F. Once opened it should be ideally consumed in its entirety, otherwise it can be kept for another 24 hours refrigerated. Serve caviar using mother of pearl or glass utensils. Always avoid metallic material as they will alter the taste of caviar.
Caviar will always make a great, last minute gift. We will pack it and ship it for you, it is that easy!
Sasanian Caviar makes gift giving effortless yet exquisite.

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