Buying Caviar may seem like a daunting task at first. To some it may even be overwhelming.

It’s ok.

Take a deep breath…

Now that we’ve got our lungs full, some important things to consider when buying Caviar are:

– Price

– Color and Texture

– Processing Method

– And lastly, the setting you will be enjoying it in

Knowledge Tip: Caviar can be classified or may be referred to in two different ways: as traditional Caviar (coming from a sturgeon) or Caviar roe (coming from any other type of fish).

Price – Traditional Sturgeon Caviar, also called Osetra, will be on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Sturgeons take much longer to mature and become fertile, hence the higher price point. Caviar roes are a more affordable option and much more varied in selection.

Color – Caviar and roes vary in color, and every color gives you a different taste and experience. Colors range from black, to gold, all the way to red and orange. Obviously, what you like most will depend on your palate but a true gourmand would tell you that the finest Caviars are gold in color, and smooth in texture with a hint of nutty, buttery goodness.

Processing Method – The processing method is important with Caviar, just as it is with any other food you’re going to consume. At Sasanian, our Caviar goes through traditional Persian processing to provide the closest thing to Caspian Caviar that you can get!

Setting – The setting you will be enjoying your Caviar in is necessary to take into account if you have a budget. If you’re having a party for 50 people and you have a budget of $200, Caviar roes are where you’ll want to start. If you’re doing a Caviar tasting for you and another person, definitely splurge on one of the Osetras.

Now go out there, get yourself some Caviar and enjoy it!