Although caviar is not regarded as an American product, much of the caviar in the market today is a product of the plentiful Mississippi River and its tributaries. Sturgeon is the common name for more than two dozen ancient species of fish from which caviar has been harvested for as long as human records go. It has always been associated with Russia and Iran, but the range of these prehistoric fishes stretches from Eurasia to North America.

The United States, Sturgeons are found in the Great Lakes, Mississippi, Missouri and St. Lawrence Rivers as well as in major rivers in the west from California to Idaho. Aside from sturgeons, American Caviar also includes other species freshwater fish.

The versatile American Caviar varieties are:

  • American Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar: Native to the Midwest, this is the most abundant wild American Sturgeon. Its caviar is distinguishable by its dark, medium sized roe; it is smooth and creamy with a nutty taste.
  • Paddlefish Roe – American Caviar: Although not a true Sturgeon, this close cousin is one of the most famous American Caviars. Paddlefish caviar has a very distinct taste. It varies in coloration from grey to platinum and has a smooth, buttery texture.
  • American Bowfin Caviar: Bowfin is even an older fish species than Sturgeon. Its caviar is also known as “Choupique” or “Cajun” and it is distinguishable by its jet black, small pearls. Bowfin can be seen served at parties and banquets as well on a plethora of dishes used as garnish.
  • American Alaskan Salmon Caviar: Salmon caviar is large, bright red and tasty. Salmon hatches in freshwater rivers and travel to the sea where they grow and mature but return to rivers to spawn. Their peculiar life cycle gives Salmon roe its coloration and taste.
  • Lake Sturgeon Caviar: Native to the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Basin American CAviar, this species of Sturgeon can reach up to 100 lbs. Today it is very scarce. Its caviar can be compared to Russian Beluga in its taste, size and color.

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